Internationally successful Tattoo Artist, Austria

As a realism tattoo artist, my clients have very long sessions to transgress, which demands the body a lot of energy. When Tattoomin approached me and told me about the idea to strengthen the body and the skin from the inside in order to better the tattoo process and speed up the cure I knew this is exactly what my tormented customers need. Since my customers are constantly telling me how they are always ready in the next days, I immediately thought that Tattoomin is the missing puzzle part. I always say to my customers, "Sleep well, have breakfast extensively so you can get fit!" And now they get even more power through Tattoomin products. Already at the first attempts I was more than surprised at the results, which far exceeded my expectations! Too bad that these products are not already much longer. I highly recommend Tattoomin to every customer.

We would like to thank André Zechmann not only for his statement but also for professional advice during the development of our products and the artistic design of our website! The website is already a revolution! The first site that exclusively uses illustrations instead of real pictures. André Zechmann will continue to support us when we need illustrations for products, advertising and, above all, Tattoomin comic clips.

Tattoo fan, large tattoo, back At first, I was of course skeptical when I heard about Tattoomin. But I thought it would not hurt and just tried it, and what can I say? Since I've tried Tattoomin once I go to no date more without having previously drunk Tattoomin. It hurts, of course, but everyone who has a large-area tattoo knows the pain and is glad if this is slightly weaker :)

Tattoo fan, medium tattoo, forearm Before my first tattoo appointment I was really very nervous. I was lucky to be able to test the TattooDrink. I took in three days before and three more weeks of healing. I find the tattoo soaked much less and it did not itch so strongly as usual.

Tattoo fan, big tattoo, chest After 3 hours of tattooing I was quite finished and had to lie down briefly in the tattoo studio before the ride home. My tattooist gave me the Tattoodrink to test and I began to drink it the next day. Within a short time felt better and I was no longer so exhausted. I think that it also healed faster.

Tattoo fan and bodybuilder, whole arm I was immediately ready to test Tattoomin, because as a top athletes I am familiar with food supplements anyway and without these probably would not have such a good training success. And so it was with Tattoomin! The ingredients are perfectly matched and I immediately noticed a difference in healing!

Tattoo fan, forearm full I have a direct comparison, since I read a few weeks before the other forearm tattoo. It was now not the huge difference but I was definitely a bit fitter with the tattoo and healed it is also peak. This has never been a problem with me but I will take Tattoomin again next time, because it was certainly a little easier!